Data policy

Plausible aims to track overall trends in your website traffic, not individual visitors. With privacy in mind, we don’t collect or store any data beyond what is absolutely necessary. Here is a list of what we collect and store about your website visitors.


We use the User-Agent header to figure out what browsers and operating systems your visitors are using.


Plausible uses the referrer string to show which other websites are driving traffic to the site you’re tracking.

Page URLs

We track the pathname of each pageview to be able to show the Top Pages report.

Window inner width

We use window.innerWidth to determine the actual size of the open browser window, rather than the full width of the device. This is more accurate and makes fingerprinting harder.

We don’t store IP addresses

We never store IP addresses in our database or logs. The IP address is used to look up the visitor country, which we store to show the Top Countries report. The IP address is discarded.

Cookie policy

Plausible installs a first-party cookie to be able to differentiate between a new visitor and a returning visitor. This cookie contains a random identifier that is sent along with each pageview request. On the backend, this allows us to aggregate and show unique visitors and total pageviews separately.
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